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Welcome to Holton & Company Email Encryption Services

What is email encryption?

Email encryption is similar to WhatsApp encryption (end-to-end). The emails and attachments are scrambled so only the sending and receiving parties can review the contents. This is executed with cryptographic keys that identify sender and receiver as legitimate and not malicious third-party actors.

Why does it matter to me?

Most email providers (Microsoft, Gmail, Yahoo etc) use the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol to send emails, preventing them from being read while in transit. This is not email encryption but for most businesses this is sufficient. The TLS protocol does not prevent hackers reading emails, attachments, or sending emails from a compromised email account.

For businesses that handle highly sensitive data TLS alone cannot be relied upon to guarantee the security and veracity of emails. A compromised email address for a company such as yours would be ruinous. End-to-end email encryption is the only way to secure the data you send, receive, and store.

GDPR and the Data Protection Act place heavy obligations on private investigators to not only show why they hold specific information, but that the data they possess is properly stored and cannot be accessed by third parties. With the rise of phishing emails and other online scams, email and data encryption is a must-have for private investigators.

How can Holton & Company help?

  • We manage the technical changes needed to encrypt your email accounts.
  • You keep your current email address(es).
  • Remove the need to send separate emails with passwords for locked folders - ALL your data is sent and stored with state-of-the-art encryption technology. !00% secure 100% of the time.
  • We import all your previous sent, received, and draft emails and any relevant folders. You lose no data and there is no downtime.
  • You can have your encrypted emails on any mobile device via an app and on your current desktop email client.
  • With your Proton account you also get a world-leading virtual private network (VPN) that encrypts your web traffic on any device - we will run through the complete set-up for you.
  • Built into Proton Mail is an encrypted contact list that can be populated from your current contacts.
  • Encrypted calendars are also included in your account and your current calendars can be quickly imported.
  • Set-up your Simple Login account that allows you to quickly create disposable email addresses that can be linked to an email account of your choice but never traced (only available with the unlimited account).

What will my new mobile inbox look like?

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Mobile Light 1


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    Why trust Holton & Company?

    We have over a decade of experience supplying I.T. services with a specialisation in web and email security. Once we complete the work for you, you will receive an encrypted email with instructions to change passwords to areas we have had access. From that moment on you can be assured you are the only one with access to your emails.

    We have used Holton & Co. for a number of recent projects but the one with the most significant impact has been email encryption. Not only are our emails easy to handle, there is less spam and our clients' have more confidence in our communications.
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    We deal with really confidential information so encryption is a top priority. Holton & Company implemented the Proton suite quickly and without disruption to our daily business.
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    What does it cost?

    The unlimited monthly subscription to Proton is £11.99 per user or £4.99 per month for the email only subscription and paid directly to them. This also includes 500GB for the unlimited account and 15GB for the email only account of encrypted storage for your emails and any other digital files you need encrypted. The cost to set-up your Proton account with all the features above is £95.

    What if something goes wrong?

    The Proton suite of encryption tools have a reputation for technical excellence and reliability and it is incredibly rare for anything to effect the smooth running of the Proton services. However, should something go wrong, Proton provide product support as part of the service and we are also here to resolve any technical issues relating to the domain name settings (DNS) should you require it.

    How do you start the process to encrypt your emails?

    Complete the form and we will be in contact to answer questions and agree the logistics to implement your encrypted email system.